Naperville Eagles

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                       "hard work and perseverance pay off"

Here is a short summary of our program/fees:

  • professional trainer/coach

  • fall, winter and spring season

  • 3 practices per week (90 min. each) during outdoor seasons: 2 team practices + Weekly Club Footskills/Goalie training    

  • pre-season training before  FALL and SPRING seasons

  • opportunity to make up missed practices or train extra with other teams within the club   

  • two local tournaments (one in the fall + one in the spring). We can always do extra if the teams wants

  • summer pre-season conditioning team camp 

  • winter indoor training

  • winter Indoor League games 

  • summer practices during the break from official soccer

  • winter outdoor practices on snow (non mandatory)

  • each player will get 2 practice tshirts

  • all other expenses included (fields, referees, player card, tournaments fees, miscellaneous, etc) 


Total = $1500 (Fall, Winter, Spring)

High School ages = $1100   (Fall + Winter for girls. Winter + Spring for boys) 

additional info: 
uniform (2 sets) = $110 (required for every player)

Our traveling program includes Fall season, Winter season and Spring season. Each team practices twice a week plus on the third day we have Club Foot Skills and goalie training session. Our teams play the home games at local parks in Naperville and the away games are usually within 30 minutes. Our teams participate in local tournaments and also we offer out of state / College Showcase tournaments. We offer missed practice make up options or extra training at no extra charge with other teams. Our philosophy in training is to form players with excellent individual ball control (foot skills) and also to understand how to use the field/space to his/her and team's advantage with movement, field vision, field awareness. From the youngest ages, our teams follow a progressive system of training which gradually introduces more advanced technical and tactical concepts. We plan long term when we start with a young team, our focus is to build strong individual players and also a strong team. We differ from other clubs out there first and foremost by not focusing on the score of the game itself, which can be a very misleading measurement of improvement, but rather by giving the biggest importance to the individual player's development. Patience and hard work is what we expect and demand, patience from both the parents and the players as it is key to success.   




Darin R.


Our Staff

Why join eagles:

  • high quality soccer training
  • well organized and structured club
  • serious, competitive, fun and safe environment
  • licensed and back ground checked coaches


Founded in 2011, at Naperville Eagles Soccer Club we put a LOT of emphasys on individual  ball skills AND equally important team work, learning and understanding the passing game and game offensive and defensive tactics. With over 30 years of combined coaching experience our coaches provide the proper "steps" in learning and advancing in soccer. We start with a strong foundation at the younger ages by working on fundamentals and then introduce more advanced training sessions and more complex soccer drills.

  • Professional coaches
  • Insurance coverage
  • Year round program
  • Foot Skills intensive training
  • Goalie training
  • Summer Camps
  • Local training sites
  • 30 min radius traveling games
  • Make up practice option
  • Open to kids from Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Lisle, Woodridge and neighboring towns
  • Private training available
  • Lower annual costs


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