Naperville Eagles

                                                                                                SOCCER CLUB

                       "hard work and perseverance pay off"

 Players/Parents/Coaches Code of Conduct

The philosophy of the Naperville Eagles is to help young players become the best soccer players they can be, while learning  the Club's philosophy of "Hard work equals success."
Players must bring a serious attitude to learn and work hard to each and every practice and game.

Practices are MANDATORY.  Please do not expect to play -- unless you each attend each scheduled practice with your team; the coach will determine the playing time for all players. Players may make up a missed practice by attending a practice another day with another team in the club. 
Players must realize that this is not recreational soccer.

Players must always show respect for all authority figures, including coaches, trainers, referees, administrators, and, above all, parents. All coaching and player allocation decisions (team assignments) are made solely by the professional coaching staff of the club.
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must conduct themselves properly at all times when players from the club are involved. The club and the coaches will not tolerate embarrassments and indiscretions at practices, games, tournaments or any Club function. 
Inform coach(s) of any health concerns or injuries of your child.
Discuss concerns or issues of disagreement with their child’s coach first. It is suggested and expected that a discussion of disagreement be held away from other team members or parents. After speaking with the coach and if you are still unsatisfied, contact the Club director. 
Parents are asked NOT to coach during the match from anywhere at the field. Parents are spectators, nothing but words of encouragement are expected from them.

You are representing the Club when you are on the sidelines; ONLY positive behavior is expected.
The philosophy and purpose of youth coaching is to teach soccer skills, promote and display good sportsmanship, and to conduct practices and games in a manner safe for players.
Encourage good sportsmanship before, during, and after a game. 
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will demonstrate respect for players, parents, and referees. Refrain from arguments or negative comments to referees, opposing teams, and coaches. Be a positive role model and be a positive influence for the players, parents, and the soccer club.

Insure fair playing time for all players. Coaches may take into consideration attendance at practices and player attitudes for playing time.
Discipline players in a fair and consistent manner.
Deal with player injuries in a timely manner.
Refrain from using inappropriate language to children.
Provide guidance in teaching a proper progression of skills and tactics to their respective age group team that is fun and challenging.

Are expected to be positive role models for our youth athletes.

A player or coach may be terminated if he/she does not abide by the statements above or within Club rules, guidelines, and principles. Common sense will prevail for issues or concerns not listed.